10 Months

Dear Bug, Here we are at ten months. You have had a blast this last month because it has involved lots of spendovers at your Nana's and right now at your Boo's. Also lots of time playing with friends and people that don't mind sneaking you a little taste of cookie! Mommy doesn't love you being gone so much, but I do love knowing you are being loved on and having fun.

You seem to have found a new movement philosophy this month, "Why go around when you can just go over?" Or for that matter through or under. You are learning to use those little feet to boost you up and climb over whatever it is that is in your way. And you also have learned the art of opening and closing doors that are not latched properly...that was a hard lesson learned for mommy, but you had a blast dumping out Fiona's water bowl!

Sweet bug, you are all the sudden seeming so big. You sign four signs consistently, you say more new words every day, and you can even tell me what a Lion says (usually followed by crawling around the house for awhile roaring). It is so much fun to be able to communicate with you on this level. It is so much fun to see the delight of learning and seeing yourself understood. Hold on to that wonder babydoll, always be willing to learn something new, climb something bigger, or go through a door to new adventure! (As long as God has opened that door for you)

Daddy and I still pray for you a hundred times a day. We love you so much Little Bug!!!