10 Months

Dear Baby Jane,

This month has been a big one for you. All of the sudden you seem to be blossoming more than we could imagine. While I could say every month that you are growing way faster than I could handle, the truth is, watching you make these leaps and bounds has been a blast. 

Your signature move right now is waving with both arms outstretched and major wrist action. Any and every time you wave no matter how big or small the occasion you look like a queen waving to your lieges. It's adorable. And it fits, because around here…especially with your sister…well us too…you are pretty popular around here, and mostly we all do your bidding. 

You have also learned to clap, which is fun for all of us. And climb which is fun for you and absolutely terrifying for me. We are at a stage of endless patty cake, peek-a-boo, and playing chase. It is a blast! You never fail to reward our efforts to entertain you with a big toothy grin. And girlfriend, you have some teeth! You popped three in this last month and you are working on three more. It is hard work!

You love the water and we love going to the pool as a family. You do not, however like to be in your floaty, you prefer to be held, or even dunked. You are already a brave one. Stay that way.

Daddy and I pray constantly for you sweet baby!

I love you,