10 Things

Inspired by this post yesterday on the LPM blog I have decided to share 10 things that you might not know about me: 1. I get inexpressible joy from writing with a sharpened pencil, not mechanical, just old fashioned sharpened pencil.

2. I love the sound of breaking glass and often dream about smashing glasses, not in anger, just for fun.

3. I button jeans before I hang them up and did not know that I did that until Russ told me last month.

4. When I go for a walk I count my steps in 8's like I'm counting music.

5. I must pace when I talk on the phone. I am almost not physically capabable of talking on the phone while sitting in one place.

6. I iron with my right hand, but with the ironing board facing for a left-handed person (That one is on you Boo)

7. When I'm in Amarillo at lunch sometimes I go out to eat by myself at a restaurant because I like the way it feels.

8. When I get bored at home alone I try on my prettiest dresses. Always have. Always will.

9. I plan a different vacation every week. When I say plan, I mean look up tickets, hotels, tours and add up a total cost analysis including food. It has never been the same place twice.

10. I too, like Beth, love black music. Ex:


What about you?

***Also someone in the comments of that post stated that they are a STARCHETARIAN. That is my official new description*****