2 Months

20120423-023425.jpg Hey Sweet Ava,

Your already a big two months! Your cute little cheeks are filling out and I can sit and count the rolls on your arms.

There is so much I want you to know, but it seems that much of my advice comes naturally to you. You love to make eye contact, keep doing that. Looking people in the eye lets them know you are listening, it lets them know you care. You also smile a from the heart, a genuine smile all day long. Oh sister, know this, a simple smile can change someone's bad day. In fact your sweet smile has already turned around more than one rough day for me!

Also baby girl, you are already rolling. Gulp. That was early. Feel free to take your time hitting your milestones, mommy doesn't mind you staying a baby a little longer one little bit.

Sister relationships can be complicated, but I want you to always know in these early days your sister loves to take care of you and your biggest smiles are always for her. Hold on to that. It will be worth it to work through the frustration that can only be caused by someone you love fiercely.

Last but certainly not least mommy and daddy love you from the bottom of our hearts!

Love, Mommy