One Way to Change Your Day

Getting it just right seems like a noble goal, but it's tricky because most of the time in pursuit of perfection we only notice what's not right.  

It's shame walking around in honor's clothes.

We have to strip it down if we ever want to banish it. There is only one surefire way to send shame running. 


If the pursuit of perfection turns our eyes downward to failure then the choice to be grateful lifts our eyes to better things.  

Listen, if we can't acknowledge what is already good we will never be able to get ahold of good enough.  

The truth is that we live in a world held together by a good God. He calls his world good and He calls you good.  

Who are we to argue?

Maybe sometimes gratitude flows easily, but more often it will have to be an active choice.  

When the daily grind gets us down we stop being able to see the wonder all around us.  

May I suggest that when it feels like your failing and your best isn't good enough that you go for a walk? Look around. Take stock.  

It turns out? Good enough is where you're already standing.