One Way to Make Good Decisions

Are you indecisive? 

Most of us are and we are becoming more so. It's not because we don't have any good choices, it's just that we have so darn many choices. 

Our head tells us "These are all good things!" and when we have to choose between them? We feel not good enough. 

I was battling down this beast just last week. I was hearing lots of talk about what faith lived out looks like. Talks that moved in the direction of moving to inner-cities to serve or starting fair-trade businesses to create jobs in developing countries. 

Those weren't the choices we were making. So, all of the sudden, our choices didn't seem good enough. 

For most of us the problem isn't that we are bad, it's simply that we never feel good. 

So we are going to get down to the nitty-gritty of our math today. We are going to talk about how to make decisions that serve the life God has for us. 

The Key to Good Decisions


Remember yesterday when we made that list of values? 

It was really a funnel. 

It's meant to be a series of standards that you send your life through to keep you from burning dinner because you were also trying to plan a school carnival, teach your children a foreign language, and put on mascara at the same time. 

Recovering from perfection paralysis requires us to know what comes first. 

So take that list of four (or five) values and rank them. Be brutal. It matters. 

Mine look like this:

Faith, Family, Hospitality, Simplicity. 

Once you have them in order, take some real stock of how much you have left to give. You can't be perfect at these five things, but you can be pretty good at them. That's it.

Listen, it's not perfect. It's good enough. 

Here is what I will say 'yes' to 90% of the time: My morning time with Jesus, looking my kids in the eye to tell them I love them, making space for people around my table, and doing less so I can give more in the places that matter to me.

Does that cover all I do in my faith, my parenting, and my values?

Not even close. But those are the lowest common denominators. If I can do those things, I know I will feel like it's good enough. 

So decision making for me look first and always looks like praying. Is this something the Lord has for me? Does this line up with the Bible? Is this a place I have freedom to walk?

Once it passes through the top of the funnel send it on down.

Does this decision allow me to serve my family the way that God has asked? Is this something they can do with me? 

See how it goes? 

If it's what God has for you, it will be good enough. 

God created you to be a one-of-a-kind. But so often we are running around trying to be twenty-of-a-kind. Accepting good enough starts with accepting that the way God made you is good. 

Pray about your values. Pray about your priorities. Ask God to show you what needs to change and how you can serve the things he has made you for best. When you know what comes first, what comes next is much easier!