Gap-Toothed Smiles and Green Eyed Monsters


I'm just not sure I can be convinced that a better milestone exists than the gap toothed smile.  

I mean sure that first gummy smile is great, but is it gas? Walking is fine until you realize it turns you into a wreck trying to constantly save your child's life from extraordinary danger like stairs, toilets, and any counter that is two feet tall.  

But that smile? You don't have to do anything for it. It just shows up one day and then fills itself in the next. (Not literally. I'm taking poetic license.) 

So Eli lost his first tooth a couple of weeks ago and then his second tooth this week. He walks around talking like the most adorable Sid the Sloth that ever stuck a dandelion in his mouth.  

Only one little problem...his (Big) sister still has all her baby teeth.  

Lily is feeling more than a little jealous about the whole thing. In fact, I've had to keep her from just reaching in and yanking a tooth out from the root on more than one occasion now.  

So if you see us at the park and my daughter is leaping head first off the slide, don't be concerned. She's just got the green-eyes monster over the gap-toothed smile.