Three Ways Gratitude Changes Everything

Well, We've had a change in plans.

But you probably didn't know that because this summer had been defined by radio silence from me. It's been full of transitions both bitter and sweet.

And always the dream of "the house" lingered. It has required more of our attention than I could have imagined. Phone calls about light bulbs and board colors. Approving doors and making decisions.

Imagine our surprise, although I can't actually imagine why, when the time came to move out of our current residence and our new home wasn't quite ready. I believe the correct description for my response is that I was fit to be tied.

I couldn't believe that it had taken this long. Gone this slow. That we were going to have to live in a camper with our five kids and dog for two weeks. I mean, really, get it together people!!!!

And then I walked in my new house on moving day since the floors had just been finished upstairs we needed to put a few things up there. It took my breath away.

It was beautiful.



But more than that, I was stupid.

Sorry, there are probably nicer words I could use, but if we're being honest I didn't deserve them.

I felt like the Holy Spirit was telling me outright, "Sister, (What? Sometimes the Spirit has to get sassy with me.) You get to live in a forty-three foot trailer that a friend offered up without the asking while you wait to finish the house you designed from the floor up. Anything less than wholehearted gratitude is unworthy of the God you serve.

I walked out of the house different than I walked in and I suspect pretty floors had very little to do with it.

I'm so grateful. For all of it, but most of all of the knee-bending humbling I got before we lugged our backpacks to the local RV park. (Which Jane would like you to know isn't a park at all.) It changed everything. Getting my perspective right with God has been the single factor that has changed this from a trial to an adventure.

I've noticed that always holds true. The lower I get the bigger He gets. The bigger He gets the smaller things seem down here.

So I go back to my list. The long neglected list that still somehow made it to the camper.  The place I jot down my 1,000 gifts and it occurs to me that I could come up with a 1,000 each day if I tried.

Here is what I find when My pen scratches the words to the pages:

Remember. I remember what God has done for me in the last day, the last week, the last year. If I were to pull out all the old journals I would be sitting in a flood of memories of God's faithfulness. So we look back, and we remember.  

Recall. Gratitude recalls me to my purpose. Most of us know that soul deep pull toward something we can't explain. A calling. But it is so easy to forget. So we are called, but often we need the recall. I can't help but know when I am sitting in the middle of His grace what my calling is today. 

Remind. Sometimes I actually do start to believe that having the right toilet paper is important. It's not. (I mean, it's good, but not important.) Inking out in living color what I'm thankful for sets my eyes on what actually matters. I can turn my eyes to the path before me and see what is going to count in the future. 

So I'm passing out peanut butter and banana sandwhiches on paper towels again, we are going for longer walks, and I'll remind them twenty times again to be careful with how much water they use. We'll smile and laugh because gratitude changes everything. 

So tell me, what are you grateful for today? How has gratitude changed your perspective?