4 months

Hey Ava Mae-Who! We made it to four months and you have turned so many corners this last month. Time is flying by and I'm holding on tight to every sweet moment of your precious life!

You are an awesome little sleeper, and definitely a homebody you like YOUR bed, but your willing to be flexible of you must. You have such a gentle and happy spirit.

All the sudden you are absorbed in the world around you, your big blue eyes are always looking in awe at the world around you. You are quick to smile and see wonder in even the littlest discoveries. Keep that baby girl. Always find the wonder that God put in this world to give you joy, keep your heart open and soft to all the sweet things the Lord will show you.

I want you to know we are still working on the car seat thing. Could you throw me a bone sweet baby, the car isn't going away any time soon!

Daddy, Lily, and I love you so much!!!

Love, Mommy