5 Years: Alex

Dear Alex,

Yesterday you turned five! Yay! 

I want you to know the truth: You and I got off to a rough start, in fact, you completely rejected me. I was terrified, I wasn't sure how to be your mommy if you wouldn't even let me touch you or talk to you. I just kept hanging around until you decided I was okay. Now sweet boy? You and I are thick as thieves. 

It isn't hard to have fun with you. You have a wicked funny sense of humor and an equally ardent sense of right and wrong. You can take a joke, but you can't handle anyone doing anything you deem wrong. Of course, at five, that seems to be extremely subjective from one moment to the next. I've noticed, actually, that you definitely have your radar on for your little brothers and sisters and not so much for yourself. The good news? Because of that spectacular sense of humor, you don't mind if I razz you about being the pot that called the kettle black!

Yesterday, as you drifted off to sleep on your first day of being five, I mourned a little. I mourned for the first four years that I didn't get to celebrate for you. I mourned for the milestones I missed, and the moments we didn't get to share. And then, I rejoiced. I rejoiced that you have been so well loved. So well cared for. While I'll try not to be jealous of those who did get to witness your special moments of growing, I will jealously hold dear the milestones to come. 

Your birthday, sweet Alex, has taught me that it is never too late to cherish. Never too late to thank God for the time and gifts we are given. 

That's what you are. 

A gift. A gift from God, sent to our lives. 

And I thank God for you. And I thank you for the sweet smile you just gave me for letting me be your mommy. Your daddy and I are truly blessed.