7 months

Hi Little Bug! 7 months old today!

I know I keep saying this but it amazes me how fast time is flying. You are growing up before my very eyes, I can't even believe how independent you are becoming. You should know now that your independence is already a little difficult for me and it is safe to say it probably always will cause a little strife in my mommy heart. But you should also know now how proud I am of your when you do things like feed yourself or drink from your sippy by yourself. In fact I promise to always do my best to celebrate your earned independence.

Lily your sweet little mouth is also starting to make new sounds all the time and my dear girl once you know how to make a sound you don't let it go. It seems safe to say you are talkative like mommy and daddy right now! Don't forget to use those words for prayers because Jesus wants to hear your sweet voice too! You giggle more, you play in the bath more, and you love to be outside. You have discovered how to 'Rock and Roll' and you always make me laugh when you start dancing!  It is safe to say that your daddy and I are having a blast with you as you are growing and learning.

I love you Lilybug!