8 months

Sweet girl, You are eight months old today! I am so enjoying watching you learn to savor summertime like your mommy. We go for walks early in the morning and go swimming in the afternoons. You get excited as soon as I put your itty bitty swimming suit on you and you love to splash around.

As I watched the 'big girls' the other day at the pool and saw that they were so concerned with what they looked like that they forgot to have fun the way you were, it reminded me to tell you early and often to always have fun. Never let insecurity rob you of the oh-so-joyful-spirit you have now. The world will tell you that you don't look right, or that your not cool. Oh baby girl don't fall for those lies! You just keep getting excited about your swim suit and splashing!

I can't believe how much you have grown in the last month. You scooting all over the place now and are already getting into things. You giggle all the time and your sweet giggle is infectious. Little bug your are dearly loved by so many around you. I pray to Jesus that he would always keep you as joyful as you are now. That all your hurts would be healed with a kiss and giggle, but know little bug that when they aren't that easy for mommy to fix Jesus is there to heal the big hurts.

I hear you squirming around in you bed now so let's go play!

I love you Bug!