9 months

Hey little Bug! We made it nine months! I just thought you were a joyful baby, but when you became mobile this month ou became flat out GIDDY! Your sweet giggles and laughs fill our house constantly mostly while we search for you and try to figure out what your into now.

Usually what your into is shoes, unfirtunately you want to eat them and that is a no no. You are also very in to your kitchen. Mommy really wants to foster thy interest because if you would be interested in cooking that would save a lot of tummy aches around here (me from havin to cook and your daddy from having to eat it!)

You also found out this month that you are going to be a Big Sister! Truly your first reaction was to blown raspberry and I doubt that is the last time you will feel that way, but Lilybug always cherish you job as Big Sister. Your little brother or sister will look up to you, be a strong role model for them and also make sure you toughen them up a little ;) They will learn more from you than almost anyone else they know!

Daddy and I love you little bug and you are always in our prayers to Jesus!

Love, Mommy