9 Months

Dear Ava Mae, So I'm a little late on this nine months thing but that's because we have been busy having tons of fun! We have had one car trip after another and little sister you have been a trooper.

My sweet girl it appears that, like the rest of your family, you will be a talker. You already say Mama, Dada, and Hi as well as a few other words. You an sign all done and you love to wave hi and bye.

Of course some things haven't changed at all since the very day you were born. You still desperately need someone to make eye contact with; I've never known a child to love looking at faces quite as much as you do. You don't care for being alone for more than about two minutes. Fortunately God, as usual, knew what He was doing and put you in a family of people who love them some togetherness. He is so good to us like that!

The busy bug seems to have bitten you lately as you are always moving, exploring, and wandering off. You and your sister are definitely giving me a run for my money! Don't worry, for right now I can keep up!

Daddy and I love you like crazy cakes!