9 Months: Jane

Hi Janie Roo Who, You are now nine months old and way ahead of the curve! Why you ask? Because now you are climbing. No. Not walking yet. Just crawling and climbing. Heaven help us all. Your face never looks more proud than when you have made it up on the couch or climbed into your sisters' play car. It's adorable and terrifying all at the same time.

Someone asked me the other day if you were a mama's girl or a daddy's girl. Honestly? You are your sisters' girl. You are just a happy baby when they are around. When they are in your face making "annoying" noises or dragging you throughout the house you just grin and giggle. If I dare to ask them to stop they always tell me, "But Jane likes it." And you do. I don't even pretend to understand what is fun about that. Their funny faces dry your tears and extended games of backseat peek-a-boo keep you entertained in the car.

It is beautiful to watch you grow close not only to mommy and daddy, but also to your big sisters. You are the center of attention around here and we don't have any plans to change that any time soon. We delight in every little thing you learn. And I'm not going to confirm it yet, but we have very little doubt that we have actually heard you try to repeat some words. Since telling you to slow down seems futile at this point, I'll just gently remind you that you'll always be our baby around here.

We are praying for you daily sweet baby girl!

Love you,