I'm Not Frustrated Anymore

"Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD." PS 27:14 I think it's not a huge mystery that when I wrote this post in the middle of the night with the news that we have no news I was a little frustrated. And what also may not surprise you is that is not the first time I have felt frustration with the adoption process.

If you will recall I said that I was going to go meditate on the scripture above for a little while. Well, I did that a little bit, but mostly I found myself talking whining to God. I found myself saying, "Lord you called us to this; why is it so difficult, why is it moving so slow," " Why are other's adoptions going so quickly," and "Lord why do we have to prove ourselves to all these people when you called us to this"

The deal with asking Jesus something is the He give you answers. And the answer I got was this. Slave trading is real. Corruption in International adoption is real. Abuse of the system by Americans is real. The fact that adoption isn't always a good thing or the right thing. It. Is. Real.

He called us, His believers, to be above reproach. He isn't giving us any shortcuts because He wants us to stay above reproach (please know that I don't mean perfect, just doing the best we can to walk in the light), and mostly He wants to show others our testimony. Because this isn't about us. This is about protecting VERY vulnerable children. This is about making sure it's done right so that a child is really being given the best possible option in life.

Mostly when we tell people about all the paperwork they say something along the lines of, "Wow you think with that many orphans they would want them to be adopted by good people." They do. That's why we have someone visit us, interview us, make sure we can handle basic life situations like finances, health, citizenship. Everyone between Us and our Son is trying to do what is best for the child including the US and Ugandan Governments. And I will choose to respect that.

There is another revelation regarding the tedious adoption paperwork. Every dot and tittle of that paperwork testifies to God's faithfulness. The story in all of our paperwork is the same over and over. It is not a story of perfect righteousness. It is not a story of being 'good people.' It is the story of forgiveness and God's grace. Our story proclaims JESUS. I have NO IDEA how many hands those papers will pass through or how many eyes will look on them and actually read them, but I suspect it will be many.

So now as I go to fill out yet another stack of papers I will have patience. I will have more than patience. I will have JOY at knowing we are sharing God's glory. I will PRAY over every line I write that God will use it in the life of those involved in our story.

I am no longer frustrated. I am excited. Only a Great God can make that change happen.