A Baby Story 2.0

So once again this is your disclaimer. This is for my memories and might get a little graphic for some of you do feel free to skip this one if you want! 4:00AM I didn't miss it this time. I woke up knowing it was labor pains. I laid there for an hour counting. Eight to ten minutes apart. They didn't hurt.

5:00AM Hop in the shower. I continued courting but there was no progress. I went and told Russ. Still didn't hurt.

6:30 We made the call to the parents woke the Bug up and had breakfast. During Breakfast they went to every seven or so minutes. We very casually finished breakfast, packed up the Bug and headed out to my in-laws.

8:00 We headed into Amarillo determined to be close to the hospital this time. My contractions? Almost stopped. Cue the, "We are wasting our time it's false labor panic"

8:45 Start walking around the mall. Here is the thing, now that I've done this twice it's obvious I'm not a lay down and labor kind of woman. I am an up walking around and swaying kind of labor person. No way I was about to go to the hospital where they would make me lay down and stick things in me!

10:00 After realizing that every time I sit my labor stalls and getting annoyed we decided to continue The March at the hospital.

11:00 After having a Major Breakdown that thisisntgoinganywhere and justletmegohomewhereimcomfortable Hubs calls the doctor and he tells us to go see if they will check me out without checking me in.

11:10 They won't. Go back down stairs to continue The March.

11:20 OUCH that contraction hurt. When the pain passed I look at Russ and asked,

"Am I being stupid? Are we about to have a baby and I'm just missing it again?"


11:45 After a few more painful contractions I decide to head with our people back up to labor and delivery. I sit patiently an wait for them to check us in.

12:10 They call me to a room and hand me a gown with Boo yelling instructions to let her know what they say.

12:20 Dilated to an eight. My doctor breaks my water...nothing.

12:22 My doctor has to go do a surgery because she is already under anesthesia.

12:23 Definitely needing to push. There is no doctor so they tell me to breath through it. Yeah. Right.

12:25 They start rocking me back and forth on the bed like a wind tossed tug boat. To say the least I'm am angry and annoyed. Finally they told me, she is face up, she is not turning, this is going to be hard. Really?!?! Cause it ALREADY feels hard at this point. Russ started praying over me in my panicked state.

12:30 "Breath through" two more pushes as the stand in doctor arrives (in slow motion, I'm sure of it, I've never seen someone move so slow in my life!) Russ keeps praying for me because now I am really upset.

12:38They give me the go to push. I saw the tears in my husbands eyes before I see the reason for his emotion. And there she is...well just her little head. They tried to tell me to stop pushing but that wasn't happening.

12:41 Push again. There she is. My sweet little Ava.

12:45 *Politely* demand to nurse my baby and have someone bring me a coke while my sensitive parts are being sewed up.

Praise God for our sweet little blessing!