A Day in the Life

So I'm still feeling a little writer's block-ish. Again, not that I don't have things to say, I think I might just be too tired to say them. So in going to share our day with you. I always love it when people do this because it gives me great ideas!

Here we go:

6:30AM Wake up/Breakfast time for the girls and me. Russ has already been up hours at this point so the oatmeal has already been made. Also I insist on eating breakfast as a family because between church and grumpy babies the chances of us getting enough dinners together is slim.

7:15AM Get dressed/Prayer time Actually mostly we just hang out with Russ while he gets dressed and then right after he leaves we all get dressed for the day! Also Russ and I always pray for each other and the kids before he leaves.

8:00AM Ava's morning nap. This is the time me and Lily "play." You should know I'm not actually a very good play mama so mostly this consist of us doing what needs to be done together. So I crank some classical and we do laundry, cleaning, workout, if I need to sew she usually sits with me and does crafts (undirected of course because, yeah right, like I'm going to come up with some cute craft), or if its a slow morning we just read books (which she will do for HOURS) or go outside while I encourage her to do dangerous things on the trampoline.

(Ill be accepting my Mom of the Year award any moment.)

10:00AM Snacks/Walk/Serious Playtime. I usually hand the girls a piece a fruit and pop them on the stroller around this time so I can get a walk in before it gets HOT. (A total fail right now since it is ninety degrees before noon). Then back to the house for backyard and general get dirty time. This is also where I basically give up on keeping clothes clean/on my children. Also around this time the music switches to Seeds to get us all pumped up!

12:00PM Lunch. Otherwise known as, "eat scrambled eggs and salsa or leftovers because that is all mommy makes" time.

12:30PM NAP. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I usually take a power nap, have my devotional time, and do a quick workout during this time.

3:00PM Wake up/Snack time. This time of year I usually just chunk another piece of fruit their way as they head out the back door, but we also do lots of smoothie Popsicles. Ava is usually awake before three so sometimes she gets an extra snack.

More get dirty and play outside time...

5:30PM Bath time (on the days we do it)/Daddy's Home! Bath is totally not my thing and I'm also usually working on dinner at this point too which is why we switch to mommy music this time of day. Mommy music=Broadway show tunes. Don't judge.

6:00PM Dinner. Because I don't know if you've noticed but around here, we like to eat.

6:30PM Ava's bedtime.

7:00PM Lily's bedtime/Mommy checks out. No seriously. I haven't been in charge of bedtime since Lily was all of three weeks old. That is Russ's time. He reads, prays, brushes teeth, and almost never fails to get them all wound up before bed ;) I usually go zone out on Instagram or stretch or something.

What goes on after that isn't any of your business :D