Rough Draft

The temperature here has been a level of frigged that I never wanted to experience a little lower than usual for the last few days. So even though (thankfully) the snow and ice didn't turn out as bad as predicted we are still not really able to get out because of the -34 wind chill. So here we are we haven't gotten out of our PJ's in two days and the cabin fever is setting in all bundled up and enjoying our days of snuggling by the fire. The snowy scene in our backyard is a desolate snow/dirt mix that kills of any sign of life beautifully breathtaking. Lily and I have spend our days glued to the recliner watching musicals actively engaged in developmental games and stories[4].

We are truly going a little stir crazy and feeling huge due to a completely sendtary couple of days enjoying the time off of dance to rest up and nourish ourselves. Really I was hoping this just wouldn't happen this year at all.Really we are just thrilled to have little bit of real winter weather this year finally.

Have a Fabulous snow day y'all!