A Letter To Express My Concern

To the makers of prenatal workout videos: I am writing this letter to address some concerns I have with your videos. As a responsible consumer I felt that it was my job to Youtube previews of the prenatal workout videos that I was interested in buying and have now come to the conclusion that somewhere in the name of looking out for pregnant women's well being a few things where overlooked.

Namely...attire. Or the lack thereof. Now I totally appreciate that a svelte pregnancy body is something to be proud of,  HOWEVER, I am concerned for the instructors' well being as well as the mental well being of every pregnant woman out there.

You see a sports bra and some tiny shorts hardly seem like enough for a normally shaped woman, much less a one piece jumpsuit (Do I really need to get in to the logistics of that?!?!). All the books/websites/brochures that I have  endlessly poured over state that light loose weight layered clothes are the way to go. While I admire these instructors for their physical prowess even during pregnancy I by no way feel motivated to don a belly- baring tank top to go walk around the park.

I understand that budgets can be tight and I am willing to donate and set up donations for proper attire if there just doesn't seem to be enough to go around. You see as I was comparing prenatal work out clips and dance competition clips I realized that by far the dancers (notorious for wanting to show it off) had more clothing on. If these poor starving artist can manage surely I can get something going for you.

Please let me know how you would like me to act on this matter.