A Little Good Advice

Sunday I mentioned to one of by big sisters in Jesus that I was drowning big time trying to find our rhythm as a family of five. She gave me some advice that has revolutionized this week for us. I'm not usually one to pass advice on and if I do it is usually littered with disclaimers that it doesn't always work with every kid and so on and so forth because I'm a big believer that you really do have to figure out what works for you. However sometimes you get a gem. That's what this was so I'm passing it on in case someone else is in the weeds too! She told me to make a list of what I did during the day and put everything on it from showers to dishes to reading books. HOLY SMOKES!!!! Turns out I was doing A LOT of all the things! So here is why this list was so beneficial for me:

#1: The whirlwind of activity was leaving me feeling like I wasn't getting anything accomplished. I needed to see that things were getting done. It was majorly encouraging.

#2: It helped me prioritize what in my day actually matters and what I need to spend a little less time doing and some things got pushed way back in the not-in-this-season category and I flat out gave it up.

#3: The newborn brain fog that was happening was obviously impairing my ability to troubleshoot and seeing it all written down brought me clarity. I was able to just rearrange a few small activities and we have had as much peace as you can have in a family with three small children and loud outgoing temperaments.

So what about you? Are you in the weeds? Any gems of advice that served you well?