A post in which I am not whining...

Do you hear what I hear?!?!? I woke up the other morning with a little light peeking in the window (yeah I slept in till there was sun!) and a strange noise. I just laid there with my eyes closed in a sleepy haze trying to identify the distantly familiar sound and then it dawned on me (literally) birds were chirping. BIRDS WERE CHIRPING.

It may just be brief respite from a long hard winter or maybe Spring really has sprung, but nonetheless the birds were sitting outside our window singing little Spring song to bring me some joy! No amount of morning sickness in the world could have wiped the smile off of my face!

The very next night I heard a little more music to my ears...Thunder with a little lightning in the mix and all the beautiful smells that go with a fresh rain.

So this is what I have to say right now...


The Lord has had mercy on my winter filled little soul and has sent me a little spring just to let me know He still loves me (Yes I'm taking credit for spring just like I took credit for the snow)

Going outside to enjoy the weather!