A Real Live Computer

Yall. I am typing his blog post on a real live keyboard that is attached to a real live keyboard. It's a miracle!!!!

In case you were unaware I have done all my blogging for the last two years on my phone because our computer is eight years old and wouldn't even load wordpress much less actually allow me to type. I thought I might say, "Yay, no more silly errors!" but that's not going to happen because I will still be a bad speller and a worse editor. Y'all like this to be real anyways right?

A sweet girl that used to be in our college group sold us an almost new Macbook for a great price so we decided to jump all over that due to the pitiful state of our old laptop. In case you need a better grasp on just how long eight years ago actually was let me remind you:

-I was a junior/senior in college.

-Texas Tech has changed head coaches three times since then.

-Russ was still in his twenties. (bahahahahahahah, I love to get the old jokes in when I can)


-Twitter Launched.

-They took Pluto's planet status away. Poor Pluto.

-Green Day won a Grammy for record of the year.

Actually now that I'm looking back despite me graduating college both personally and globally 2006 was a bit of a boring year. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with boring, in fact we could probably use a little more boring around here. My point was, the world was a different place back then and that super high tech HP laptop is now hobbling through its last breaths. It lived a good long life and it served well. May it rest in peace.