A Spinach Problem

Do they have meeting for someone that has a spinach problem? Let me tell you to start this that at the age of twenty I ate almost no vegetables. I might pick at some green beans, corn, or peas but that was about the extent of my willingness to eat vegetables.

Around twenty I started having some major tummy problems that ended up in an exams room that involved a scope and backless gown and well....let's just say it wasn't pretty and NO ONE needs that to happen to them twice to make a lifestyle change.

Fortunately at a a quaint little bistro on the river in Florence I had just discovered a vegetable I loved.


I know, crazy right? The one no one else wants to eat, that's the one for me. Can't really blame my parent for not trying that one since I would cause a dinner battle over zucchini.

In college I ate cans of spinach as my sole source of nutrition, but honestly that doesn't even hold a candle to the way I love it now.

Yesterday I was chopping up spinach and I started thing about that scene on Forest Gump when Bubba starts talking about shrimp because that's basically how I now cook with spinach. Let's see...

Spinach and rice,

Spinach pizza,

Spinach meatloaf,

Eggs Florentine,

Spinach shake,

Spaghetti and spinach,

Tortellini and spinach,

Spinach stuffed chicken...

Get the picture?

I need an intervention.