A Whole New World

Let's start at the very begining, because that is a very good place to start. (Yes I have visions of Julie Andrews dancing in my head today) Nine weeks ago I was in Europe alone. Travling in Europe isn't bad...as long as your problem solving skills are sharply tuned and your wallet is very full with expensive Euros. I love Europe, still do and always will. The passionate Italians, the rude French, the tiny crowded international airports, the dirty little back streets, and the expensive, but good food.

Fast forward nine weeks...I am married to the love of my life and we just arrived at the beautiful Cancun airport aka the cleanest most well kept and well staffed airport I have ever been to. After being greeted by smiling faces everywhere we were ushered to an airconditioned van and taken to our resort.

We were greeted at our resort with warm towels for our hands and a glass of champane. Say what?!?!?! Yup the second we got off the van it started and never stopped.

Needless to say, Toto I don't think I'm in Italy anymore!

Greeted with smiles by Every and I do mean Every employee everyday was great, people going out of thier way to make sure we were happy was a lot of fun, but when we sat down for our first meal and the hostess pulled out my chair for me and placed the napkin on my lap I was blown away and it stayed that way for three meals a day for 7 days.

Spoiled doesn't even cover what I was when we got back! I asked Russ if he would continue putting my napkin on my lap for all our meals and for some reason he seemed resistant to that...I can't imagine why?!?!?!