I know this has been a long time coming! Sorry for the absence, but you see I've been running a small business. As you might recall, there for awhile business was slow...Now, however I am learning the true meaning of owning a business. For me it means teaching, choreographing, lesson planning, bookeeping, ordering, sorting, delivering, web mastering, and cleaning bathrooms! PRAISE THE LORD that I have a job that I love!

The main result of all of this though is that I have had sore muscles for a month. I can't even remember what it feels like to Not ache somewhere on my body!

Which is good, because it just got cold and that means jean shopping. And without exaggeration or dramatic flair I tell you that I would rather shop for a swimsuit than jeans.

No seriously. I despise shopping for jeans, but until I can convince Russ to move to the equator I'm gonna need some jeans.

Speaking of the equator I have been doing some serious vacation planning (because you know, it got cold and I got to thinkin about getting warm!)

Hopefully an big update on that on Monday. Also a movie review coming for FAME, because of course I will be there will bells on tomorrow!

(How was that for stream of consciousness writing!!!!)