Adoption, Pride, and Exciting News

*Feel free to skip to the exciting news if you don't love to read my rambling and not so revealing revelations I'm sure I've mentioned this but adoption is hard.

Nothing is sure. The waiting is long. The end is foggy. Emotional issues. Logistical issues. Spiritual issues. Financial issues.

That's were the pride part comes to life for me. Financial issues. UGH!!!!! Not to throw ourselves into the whole 99%, 1% debate that the occupiers seem obsessed with, but we take very good care financially. We have a few minor debts, but very little and completely manageable. We have always PRIDED  ourselves on not buying things we can't afford. We have PRIDED ourselves on our ability to save. We have always PRIDED ourselves on our ability to pay all our bills on time, give to organizations that we want to support, and still live pretty nicely.

UGH! Did I mention UGH! UGH on the money issues. UGH on all the pride. UGH on all the self sufficiency.

Something funny happened when we started this process a little less than a year ago. GOD drained us. All of our savings accounts, all of our CD's, and something has come up every month since (usually medical) to leave us with NO money to start filling those handy savings accounts back up. (See new baby, pregnancy, root canals, food poisoning, so on and so forth...)

The awesome news is that the Lord has provided in every need. We have literally had brothers and sisters in our church family hand us money without even being aware we needed money at all. I just sort of assumed that was going to be the way it was for this whole process.

It's not.

We have prayed about fund raising and what we could do and what we could sale, but doing that involves overhead and if you missed all that rambling above we don't have that.

So on to exciting news:

We are partnering with Lifesong for Orphans, Both Hands, and Adoption Journey to raise money to finish our adoption.

We will be doing a Both Hands project after the new year that involves getting a team together to bless a widow at the same time having people sponsor our project therefore raising money to bring an orphan home (ie our adoption.) It will be an exciting way to help in so many different ways. When we have a firm date they will set us up with a website and we will be sending out letters. We know God will move in BIG ways with this!!!

We are also involved with Adoption Journey which is a program to educate people about adoption and allow people to share their stories. Also, (Big GULP of pride) they are helping us fund raise.

We have set up an account that allows tax deductible donations towards our adoption. They have it set up so that you can donate in certain increments, but as someone that is broke $25 seems like a little much. If you don't have that much to share THAT IS OKAY. If you feel led to give we will take whatever your budget allows for with BEYOND grateful hearts.

If donating to this makes you feel uncomfortable THAT IS OKAY TOO, please still pray for us. We need that more than anything. We KNOW God will provide how and when He wants too.

If you might want to give but you don't really understand why adoption is so expensive or why we all the sudden need money then here is our adoption cost breakdown. God has already provided for all the agency fees, homestudy costs, dossier costs, and lawyer fees. At this point we are basically fundraising for travel. Sort of like raising money for a mission trip.

So if you are interested (and missed the other three links) here is our Adoption Journey Page.

Okay, I'm going to go get some water to help wash down all that pride I'm choking on.