Adoption Update

I know. That title is awesomely original. I've been waiting to do this until we got some more info and I'm doing it today because well...we haven't. We are in yet another waiting period for our adoption.

We were praying desperately that God would allow us to get a court date before June so that we could go get the boys before Baby J makes his/her appearance. In fact, I had pretty much convinced myself that it must be God's will because of course he would want this family that is desperately waiting for them to be united with them as soon as possible. As usually my will does not equal His will.

Due to complications in country and an eye for looking out for corruption our agency choose to add an extra third party investigation to their post referral process. Hear me: I completely support this decision and I think they are making the right move. Sometimes knowing something is the right thing to so doesn't make waiting on God any easier.

That is where I am at right no. Frustrated. Disappointed. But also willing to be patient. In a place of firm prayer.

Would you join us in praying for a November court date?