Adoption Waiting

November is national adoption month and it gets kicked off by Orphan Sunday. I almost managed to avoid it completely.

We are finishing the second year of our adoption wait. Staring blankly down the road of our third year with no end in sight. We have watched people adopting from Uganda that started their process long after we started ours post airport pictures celebrating their baby's homecoming.

Can I be frank here?

It stinks a big smelly poo poo.

I'm not even questioning God's timing on this one because he has shown Russ and me too many times to count how right His timing proves. I know it's okay to wait.

For goodness sake we have two kids two and under! It's not like we desperately need to throw a few more toddlers into this circus.

But I dropped in on bible study the other day. I don't usually go to this one, but I was in town and I love these women. I walked in right in the middle of a presentation on Kenya and abandoned children. I bawled. The big ugly cry y'all. Then I hopped in my car only to have them talk about kids who have no families at Christmas. Again, I lost it.

It's the discord in between that makes the wait so hard.

The need is there.

The willingness to meet the need is there.

But somewhere in the middle is the wait.

And the wait sucks.

But you know what sucks more? Not having a family. Not ever knowing love more than skin deep. Not having anyone willing to wait on you.

So wait we will. Another year? Two? Five?

"Love is patient" 1 Corinthians 13:4