Adventures in Vega

Wow! IT's almost our one week aniversary here and we got internet today!!! YAY! Since I know you are on the edge of your seats to know how every thing is going I will just tell you that is is...


I don't mean to just wax poetic about it, but it's just such a charming town. Sunsets are beautiful, people are friendly, and everthing is within walking distance. It really is the kind of town where people just invite you in for ice tea and bring you treats because they had something left.

We live exactly one block from Main St and one block from the edge of town. I love being able to just walk to the library in a few minutes and be able to walk out to the country side in just a second!

Okay I'm done gushing now. Here's the good stuff:

1. So Russ and I (like the prematurely old people that we are) have taken to evening walks. So Tuesday we head out just like every evening and he tries to untangle Vega geanologies for me when we heard a sound.

Did you hear that?  Yeah it kinda sounded like thunder...

We turned around to look and And one block behind us was a downpour of rain. We tried desperately to out run it, but of course our efforts were for naught. We finally just gave up and got back to the house soaking wet and laughing.

In a town like this, I'm sure we are now labled the crazy people.

2. Speaking of lables I might have recieved a much less pleasant lable than that this afternoon. You see, I knew better. I really really really knew better. But I did anyways.

After laying out in the pool today we decided to ride our bikes to the store (no more that six blocks) We wanted to make a quick trip so I figured hop on get there an get back. Right?

Yeah, your laughing right now because you know that's not how it works. There I am in my swimsuit cover up on bicycle (not very lady like), and who would show up but both the President and Vice-President of the bank...who of course I had just interviewed with this morning.

When will I ever learn!