Prison Break

I have a new favorite song: [youtube=]

When I heard Christine Caine speak, she said that free people, free people.

I loved that. Talk about a word aptly spoken.

I find myself in a season of recovery that leaves me passionate and aggressive about being loved up and freed up.

I have been through dark days and now I am sitting on the other side. I have never felt so loved and adored by my Creator in my entire life.

It turns out that feeling intensely loved makes me feel intense in general. It lights a fire in me that cannot be quenched by the pricks of daily life. It makes me feel passionately and aggressively peaceful.

Yeah. I know. That seems like a weird sentence, huh?

But it does.

And as a result of the wild love affair? I'm feeling wildly free. I'm feeling fiercely ardent about freeing people up. It is making me bold. It is making me move.

What are you feeling passionate about these days?