All About Ava

When Lily was newborn my sister-in-law gave me some of the best advice I have ever gotten. She told me that my relationship was new and to treat it as such and spend time getting to know my baby. I'm loving getting to know our sweet Ava so I thought I'd share some of what we have learned.

-She is relaxed, totally sprawled out everywhere

-She prefers her tummy

-It appears she is a bit of a homebody, she is just more content here than anywhere else.

-She does NOT like having her arms and feet pulled, her nose honked, or her socks jerked off (all that knowledge was courtesy of the Bug)

-She is a very good eater (God just gave me very hungry girls I guess)

-Lily sings to her and it makes her smile

-She smiles a lot (I know nobody will believe me, but I swear she smiled the day she was born)

-She's a sleeper! (Yay for mommy)

I'm so blessed we have a lifetime of getting to know her!