All About the Bug

So very shortly my eldest child will have to share her sparkly spotlight. I imagine it will be tough to no longer be the absolute center of everyone's attention. I can relate. I'm an oldest. So today I present to you All About Lilybug! Just a fun list of things that are adorable about our Bug that we want to remember!

1. Doggie is her favorite word. It is also her favorite living being in this house. She literally falls all over herself to be near Fiona.

2. If you ask her what a sheep says she giggles because bleating sounds like laughing to her.

3.she will wear a tiara around the house with the exact same gusto that she will eat dirt when she's outside.


4. She loves to be "sneaky" and "tricky" She loves to surprise you. She also loves to tease you as if she is going to give you something and when she gets close she runs away screaming.

5. She melts for her daddy.

6. She is a thrill seeker. Nothing is ever high enough or fast enough.


7. She is a wallower. She loves to get on a big squishy bed or pillows (or lap) and just wallow.

8. She loves the Foot Book dearly.

9. She is getting really good at playing pretend. She "cooks", "eats", "gives presents" very well!

10. She gets more than a little silly when she is tired. She giggles a lot and stumbles around (kinda like some girls when they have had one to many margaritas).

11. When she feels silly or really happy she has started smiling while scrunching up her nose and lifting her chin. It's very Steve Erekle and too cute for words.

12. Yesterday I noticed her walking around with her hands rubbing her belly and thought it was weird. Then I remembered Monkey see monkey do.

13. Speaking of that, when she wants to go somewhere she gets her bag, puts her phone in it and stands by the door and says "go" repeatedly!

14. I taught her to sign (and now she can say) outside. Still haven't decided if I regret that move as she wants to be outside from the moment the sun rises to its setting.

15. She is the most brilliant, adorable, sweetest little girl in the world!!! (not that I'm biased or anything!)