All Dried Out

Now I'm not known for being dramatic nor am I one to seriously overreact. (I saw that look!)

I lost it last night. Seriously lost it.

Of course it was something totally worth overreacting to, it was something reasonable request in a controlable situation. I mean all I was asking for was some moisture....

Yup that's right I had a full on nervous breakdown, tears and panic included. Why? Because my throat was dry and after a bottle of baby oil and half a bottle of lotion my skin was still cracking.

See I told you it was totally reasonable.

It hasn't rained here since September 11th...the day I got home from Italy. That is five months with at most a 30% chance of rain that never developed. I am a water, rain, humidity loving person. This is not working.

I am starting to resemble a lizard and my lips are permanatly chapped to the point that mentholatum doesn't even help.  I'm completely drying out and for my sake and especially for my husbands (for lots of reasons-I would hate for him to have another "reaction")  sake please pray for rain!!!!