All You Never Wanted to Know

Because its Friday and it my blog and I can do what I want. 1. I've been really wanting red hair lately. What do you think?

2. This week I did a handstand in my living room because I felt like it. Weird.

3. I have about a 100 pictures of Ava on my phone that I haven't posted because she looks like a pirate. Not sure why she always has one eye closed.

4. I made a fresh batch of cinnamon applesauce for the Bug to eat at snack time for a few days and then ate it. ALL of it. In one sitting.

5. I'm making applesauce this weekend. Anyone want to come help me peel?

6. The #1 reason I'm glad it's spring is that I don't have to deal with baby socks anymore.

7. I keep freshly sharpened pencils in my sock drawer to write in my Bible with.

8. I'm really looking forward to Lily getting to play in the sprinkler.

9. I love sprinklers.

10. I especially love running through sprinklers.