An Alarming Issue

From what we hear, getting used to living with each other is pretty difficult. Russ and I think that we've done a pretty good job these first two months (especially considering that we only have one small bathroom)! However an issue of miscommunication  of the definition of a certain thing in our household has arisen and must be addressed!

You see to me any kind of alarm is an immediate call to action. Whether it be fireman rushing to a scene at a fire alarm, people scrambling for their key chains when a car alarm goes off, or people rushing to an appointment when the alarm on their phone goes off notifying them of something on thier calendar. Basically when an alarm goes do something!!!!

However, Russ doesn't really see it this way (this is where the issue comes in.) He just sees it as a gentle notification that at some point something must be done. And really there's nothing wrong with that. Except that there is. Because you see while Russ has creepy good hearing most of the time, he can't seem to hear the alarm go off on his side of the bed. So anywhere from 3 to 6 times a morning I am laying wide awake poking him to turn off the alarm.

How bout we reset if for a later time? Nope, I might need to be up at five.


The worst of it? He thinks it's hilarious to watch me go crazy over the issue!!!

Does that mean I'll chill and stop letting him push my buttons(or not push the alarm buttons)? Probably not. I never have learned that lesson...just ask my brother!