An Announcement: I Have Two Children

I have two kids. No seriously, I have two kids. What? That doesn't surprise you?

Well I guess it shouldn't have surprised me either.

But here is the thing, the first three weeks were really easy. I mean really easy (I know, I know, please don't hate me)

Past tense.

Yesterday I reality hit. I discovered I really do in fact have two children.

Due to the two chili dogs and five pieces of pizza I ate Sunday I needed to spend a few moments in the restroom (read: 20 minutes.) As soon as I get comfortable (read: ummm never mind you don't need to know) the Bug runs into the bathroom, trips over her own feet and falls head first into the corner of a drawer. Obviously she needed comfort.

Ummm little problem...I'm stranded. So as I reached over to pat her back I heard a bloodcurdling scream from the back room.

Yikes. It was clearly a tummy ache scream. I can't imagine why her poor little tummy would hurt. It must have been all the junk food just a fluke.

That was the moment I got disillusioned. There sitting on the throne with an injured child trying to climb in my lap and a sick child screaming in the back and NOTHING I could do about the situation.

So just to let y'all know, it is not all roses around here. I mean sometimes it really really stinks ;)