And Then the Tables Turned...

In a choice born of desperation Hubs and I stopped at Sam's Sunday afternoon on our way home from my dad's house in Oklahoma. We loaded the girls up in the cart (Can I get a "Praise Jesus" for the two (or even four) seated carts at Sam's?) and started plowing through the list. All was going well and we were about ten minutes into our check out line wait when Russ remembered we needed a bag of potatoes. Off he ran.

No biggie, both girls are safely strapped into the cart and all I have to do is load the groceries on to the belt. That's when I heard an ear splitting shriek.

I whipped my head around ready to use the scary whisper on Lily (don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about) for pestering Ava.

I stood opened mouthed.


It wasn't Lily...

It was Ava. She was "tickling" Lily and sticking her hands in her face and I'm pretty sure she was aiming at honking her nose! The Bug must have been just a surprised as I was because even though she is more than capable of defending herself she was just sitting there whining.

Here is where I made a stellar parenting decision to just pretend I didn't see for a few seconds. Why? Because as Boo used to say if two students are fighting in the hall and the right one has the upper hand sometimes you just have to not see.

For the sake of fairness I did step in and take the Bug's part making sure to use the same words with Ava that I always use with Lily so that no double standard is happening.

Nonetheless it appears my sweet little one is ready to hold her own!