Sorry this was supposed to be in earlier Italian women have a reputation for being, how should we say this...confident. They walk around with huge sunglasses, not acknowledging any other human being on earth, or bothering to go out of their path. This could possibly be seen as an attitude problem.

I am here to tell you folks to please forgive these poor women. They have adapted these behaviours for a good reason and you would too!

As is my general Texas nature I like to say hi to people and smile at people on the street. After just two days in Rome my smiles are gone and I'm hidden behing huge sunglasses.

You see the men in Rome (I'm sure not all, but in my experience a good many) have a confidence problem too. They take every smile, every hello, even every look as an acceptance to thier unspoken (or sometimes very loudly spoken) invitation.

Yesterday the man at the Gelateria tried to hug me!!! Now I know that the personal space bubble over here is generally smaller anyways, but seriously???? Buy some deoderant and get some manners!

Well I'm off to go prancing around Rome in my big sunglasses and aloof attitude for a few more hours before my train leaves!