August 29 2008

That is the day today. That is the day on my flight itinerary. However it is not the day that my employers thought it was. Thus when I got to the airport in Rome there was no one to pick me up! Luckily they were just a phone call away and promptly sent Lena's (the mother)sister to come pick me up. She is super sweet but communication is difficult. I new something was amiss when she told me how my ( 23 kilo) suitcase was so empty!

Then I had my first experience with Rome driving (as a passenger of course) and I can happily report that I lived through it, the bad news is that it is worse than expected. I'm pretty sure no human on earth has ever held their breath that long.

Soon to of my new hood!

Anyways I am starting out my job with a weeklong trip to the sea tommorrow. Hopefully I will find internet, but if not I will catch you up next week or have someone post for me!