Baby Bug to Toddler Bug

So somewhere in all the craziness that is life right now the Bug? She walks. And there are fun stories (well maybe just for this mama heart) about how that all came about, but my mind can't seem to form complete sentences lately much less a narrative. So for the second time in two weeks I present to you a list.

1. The Bug would only walk a few steps just  last Monday.

2. Then we noticed that she would walk more than that, just not when anybody was looking. You had to be sneaky and catch her.

3. I guess she was practicing so when she decided to show the world they would be 'wowed'.

4. We were wowed.

5. Last Wednesday she got really clingy and fussy and I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't move on her own. By the end of that day she walked everywhere.

6. Guess she had made up her mind before she had convinced her body.

7. She has NOT crawled since. As in she will not crawl one foot to reach a toy. If she falls she will get back up, walk one step, and sit down to play with her toy.

8. Thus continuing her mama's tradition of extremism and obsessiveness.

9. Those traits are much cuter in a one year old. (Also she snorted when she laughed today, which also happens to be cuter in a one year old)

10. Yesterday at dance class Toddler Bug did her first stand up dancing. She was bouncing and clapping and squealing. My dance teacher/mama heart melted. It was a big moment.