Baby Training

Sorry for the long absence, we have been Christmasing all over the Texas panhandle and Oklahoma and also snowed in which leaves me exactly enough energy to eat and then lay back down! The Bug got a baby doll for Christmas. This particular baby doll sucks a bottle and then cries. Normally I would jerk those batteries out so fast it would make your head spin because really? Nothin' entertaining about a crying baby.

However in this particular situation I decided to use it as a learning experience. When the baby cried I picked it up, patted it, rocked it, kissed it, so on and so forth to demonstrate proper baby comforting behavior (You know the kind that happens in an ideal world when mom has had plenty of sleep and all calming techniques work. I left out the more realistic crying, eye rolling, and helplessly sitting there wondering how to make it stop.)

Then I sat the baby down and it started crying again. Lily looked up at me for just a second and then started fake crying.


Glad she has such heartfelt empathy, but I think we are going to need some more baby training before Ava gets here!