Back Up to Speed

I turned a pregnant corner this last week. A huge gigantic amazing corner in which I'm almost back to my normal speed. Which of course is around 90 miles per hour! (About time too cause my "first trimester lasted 18 weeks)

First thing I did was make a trip to Target and Dollar tree to stock up on cubbies and bins, because nothing says "feeling like myself again" like gutting my house and reorganizing it (What? That's not what would define your status as normal?!?!)

Nonetheless, after two days of throwing out and moving around my closets are squeaky clean and my house is as ready as it can be right now for at least one possible two new children in our home in the next year.

And that thought is enough to slow me down again! So here is my crowning closet glory for you. I'll resist the temptation o post pictures of all of my closets!