Because That's What Summer is For...

Y'all. I am having all the thoughts. And at some point All The Thoughts are going to turn into All The Posts, but that day is not today. Over here we are winning at summer, also known as the time of the year when parenting is easiest. My water-logged-popsicle-covered fingers haven't quite found the time for an actual post.


If you're like me you are spending lots of time driving to and from the pool, taking long walks, and sitting on the porch. So this seems like a good time to remind you that Jennifer and I have a podcast.Podcast finalWe just started a new series on The Priesthood of The Beliver that I am so excited about. Also? We are starting to get way less weird about talking with microphones all up in our faces. (No really, it feels strange.)

There are lots of options too:

-Go like our page on Facebook to get all our updates.

-Subscibe and leave some feedback on iTunes to help some sisters out.

-Download and subscribe on the Stitcher app

-Not to mention that Jennifer and I both have podcast pages on our blog.

Thank y'all so much, you are just the best village in the whole world. Now go get you fingers sticky and water logged!

Grateful to be over here: