Beefed Up

My first Roundup was this last weekend! Round up is a festival in Vega where you watch a parade and eat.

So of course I loved it because those are two of my favorite things to do!

Friday night we went to Russ' twelve year reunion (yeah, feel free to make fun of him) where they had some absolutely amazing brisket.

The next morning I had smoked cow. Litterally, I watched them tie the cow (obviously deceased at this point) to poles put it over a pit and smoke it. Actually I watched them do that to four cows. All this while Russ was cooking hundreds of pounds of beans.

The day was so much fun that we decided to stretch it out by going to a cookout at our friends' house. Where we had steak. Are you seeing it???

I love me a good steak, and smoked meat, and brisket but really, I could do with out red meat for a little while.

Well... at least until tommorrow!