Before 9:00

So this morning before 9:00AM I said the following phrases: "DO NOT LICK HER TOES!!!"


"If you crack your skull jumping off of that it's not my problem."

"Just let the dog clean that up"

"I don't know, google it."

Soooooo just wanted you to know that parenting is hard.

Cause just whatever.

And since it's so hard I was mentally checking out durning nap time on Pinterest and I saw that people were pinning workout outfits now. Which officially means that people are working harder at getting dressed to workout than I do six days a week.

That's kinda sad.

Also, if you were wondering why it's six days a week and not seven it's because my dad told me when I was in high school that I could put just as much effort in to getting dressed for church as I could getting dressed to go out the night before and it stuck with me. So I dress up for church.

I'm so glad we talked today. Also glad it wasn't a random and awkward stream of consciousness.