Best Thing Since Sliced Bread???

So this happened:

20120705-190021.jpg And then this happened:


That's right. I got a wheat grinder and made my own flour and my own bread.

For various long, cheap, and crunchy reasons I decided to start making my own whole grain bread.

(Also because I would submit to you that no one loves starchy carbs the way I do)

The best part of this little experiment? I didn't have to talk Hubs into it at all!

You see without any doubt the man has a farmers heart. He loves plants and watching them grow. He adores walking around in fields of various crops.

It really is part of who he is.

Usually when something comes out of my mouth it takes him a while to warm up to the idea.

"We should stop using shampoo"

"I'm ordering cloth diapers"

"I think we need to make some changes to our adoption"

"Let's have another baby" (just kidding....kinda)

All those induced grey hair for may sweet Hubs.

So when I suggested the we just skip the middle man and go straight from wheat to bread ourselves I didn't expect it to be so easy.

He has been all for it since day one. I'm pretty sure the part of him that loves the growing, the watering, and the harvesting also lived the idea of getting to see the fruit of that labor right in front of him.

And who ever said the "next best thing since sliced bread," clearly never tasted homemade while wheat bread with wheat fresh out of the mill!