Bible Study Secrets

Oh no, don't worry I have no miraculous tips for you to study your Bible. I'm not that great at it myself. The only advice I have in that area is just to DO IT. Dig into those God given scriptures yourself cause He doesn't care how clumsy you are at it, He doesn't need your help to teach you. Trust me I know! (So I guess I did have some tips)

Anyways this is more about revealing silly things about myself to make you all feel better about the way you're doing it.

I'm coming out of a season of dryness into some rich study of God's word and I noticed yesterday that I preach to myself. Oh yes. I mark up my Bible, I scribble notes and then when I'm done for the day, I preach it all back to myself.

And you know what I sound like in my head?

Beth Moore.

Bet my bottom dollar I ever actually tried to get this stuff out of my mouth I would sound slightly amazingly less articulate. But it works for me. The Holy Spirit just sticks it in my head that way.

How about you? Any Bible study secrets to share?