Biometrics Blessings

We had a biometrics appointment at the immigration office (that happens to be two hours from where we live) today.We knew that basically meant that we would get our fingerprints taken and names in the system. They set the appointment and you don't dare miss. Our appointments were set an hour apart this morning.

On the way Russ said, "they probably aren't that busy so maybe they can just knock us both out real quick,"


We pulled up five minutes to eight only to see that the moment they opened the doors the line was just magically long! Russ hopped out to go get in the quickly growing line and I watched with dread wondering how backed up they were going to get in the next hour.

Lily and I sat in the truck waiting for Russ when suddenly he was out there getting Lily out and telling me to get my stuff, they were going to process us together!!!!

So what should have been over a two hour ordeal this morning lasted less than twenty minutes and was filled with friendly helpful faces!

Praise God for blessings hat are not needed or even hoped for. He gives us good gifts!