Birth Story 3.0

I'm sitting here at home holding an eight hour old baby. We will talk more in depth about this situation very soon because I want to explain that somewhat controversial choice. But not right now. Right now I just want to tell you Jane's story.

Disclaimer: Graphic. Walk away if its not your thing.

So Jane is one of the 5% of babies that was born ON her due date. Which is great except I've never made it to a due date so I was super anxious and also? Done. Being. Pregnant.

I was scarfing down pineapple, red raspberry leaf tea, walking, and doing anything *ahem* else we could to get this baby out.

Ummmmmm, it worked?

1:50- I was laying in bed awake (surprise, surprise) and feeling the baby kick. POP! In my sleepy haze I thought for a second that baby broke a bone. Also there was no water, so...

1:52- I went to the bathroom and realize after sitting there peeing for awhile I realized that probably couldn't all just be the tea I had before bed. So I announced to Russ when he came to check on me that my water had broken and I was texting Leah.

2:00- Contractions start and Hubs started timing.

2:08- After a whopping two contractions we realized this baby was coming fast. (Another shocker. Not.) We texted Leah again and called/woke up the parents.

2:32- We were all gathered in the living room waiting on Leah and we realized I needed to sit down because the contractions were coming a minute and a half apart when I was standing. Yikes!

3:00ish- Leah and Nora got there and got the bedroom set up. And we all stayed in the living room visiting and laughing.

3:45- It started to hurt. I know that makes some of you want to punch me in the face because my contractions were less than two minutes apart and were just now hurting. All I can say is that I'm blessed and highly favored.

4:15- I started wandering around. Trying to keep things moving and also mitigate the pain. I was everywhere, the bedroom, living room, the backyard. There was still lots of chatting and laughing. I even participated occasionally.

4:45- I got frustrated. I was dilated to a nine. I was hurting almost constantly and I was feeling no pressure. I was READY.

4:55- I went and sat in the bathroom and wandered some more, but I'm going to go ahead and be brutally graphic here and say sitting on the potty is the most comfortable way for me to labor.

5:05- I was sitting on the toilet with Russ standing beside me in the never ending rounds of contractions. I must have made a noise because all the sudden I heard Leah ask, "Are you pushing?"

"No." *quick pause* "Maybe?" *quick pause* "YES" (said in a deeply guttural tone)

Before I could blink not only was Russ in there but Leah was beside me and Nora was in front of me and they had "babyproofed" the bathroom. She let me have one more on the potty contraction and then told me to stand up and put my arms around Russ's neck.

The next thing she said surprised me:

The baby is coming on this push.

What the what?!? This had all happened in less than two minutes. At which point I went into "I can't do this. I can't do this" mode.

Nora was gently reminding me that not only could I, I was already doing it. Leah was equally gently coaching me through a very slow push. I didn't really get that but let's just say when it was all over that slow push was a game changer. Game. Changer.

I could see Boo and Mary (my MIL) behind Nora with excited looks and tear filled eyes. I could hear Russ praying desperately for me as I clung to him for dear life, because let me tell you at this point, my legs were no longer holding me up.

5:12- Then she was there. Right there in one big gush of relief. And then the only thing about having a home birth that surprised me happened: she told me to grab my baby.

Me? You not just going to settle me in and hand her to me? You want me to reach between my legs and grab this baby?

Well. Okay then.

So I did. I plopped right back down on that potty holding my sweet baby with my husband looking over me and the world whirling around me.

It was awesome.

Meet Jane Marie. 8lbs 8oz. 21 inches long.